Services we offer include

Process Serving, Family Law and Divorce Documents, Field Calls, Occupancy Checks, Attending Oral Examinations and Repossessions

We guarantee initial action and reporting within 7 days.

We have other Agents around Australia with whom we network and in most cases we can service the Australian Mainland and Tasmania.

Pricing is available on request.


Fast litigation at a fraction of the cost of a Solicitors Office.
We are fully experienced in preparing and filing your  litigation documents for court, and will take you through the various processes, and keep you updated at each section of the litigation for your approval to the next stage.



We have access to all the tools required to find your debtor on a no find, no pay basis, and we will put you in touch with our professional skip tracer, who has a very high success rate in locating debtors.

Once found, we will attempt to negotiate with the debtor to have your debt paid. Should this fail, we will forward a Letter of Demand to the Debtor giving them 7 days to pay the outstanding debt or, to come into an amicable arrangement with us, to have the debt paid by installments.



Should the debtor not respond, we will commence litigation via Qcat or Statement of Claim, where the documents will be filed on your behalf at Court, and we will commence an action against the debtor through to Judgment stage.
Should the debtor not be forthcoming in paying the Judgment, we will then Enforce the Judgment and attend Court on your behalf.


Repossessions and General Collection Activities

We have had 18 years experience in Repossessions, Serving Legal Process including Family Law, Qcat, and Divorce Documents, Lockouts and general Collection activities, and respect and conform to the Regulations of A.S.I.C. and the A.C.C.C., to protect  your legal rights under the National Consumer Regulations.